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Amide Waxes Complex Esters Compound Esters Metallic Stearates Monoalcohol Esters Polyalcohol Esters Sorbitan Esters

Applications include:

  • Solubiliser for vitamin oils and hormones or other active ingredients in oil solution.
  • Neutral excipient for injectable substances.
  • Oily component for cleansing creams and nail varnish remover. 
  • Plasticiser for nail varnish preparations.
  • Solubiliser for perfume oils. 
  • Bath oils, creams, lotions, sun creams, shaving products, insect repellents, 
    antiperspirant and deodorant sprays. 
  • Substitute for vegetable oils. 
  • Liquid vehicle for preparations which have a high level of pigments, such as lipsticks.
  • Solubiliser and vehicle for medicines. 
  • Pigment wetting agent..
  • Softener in creams and hair products
  • Solvent for cosmetic fatty substances.
  • Lubricant for rigid PVC, additive in PVC film calendering.
  • Substitute for Vaseline oil. 

Products include:

Product Trade Name
Butyl oleate Tilol B
Butyl stearate Monestriol B
Cetyl palmitate Palmil C
Cetyl stearate Monestriol C
Decyl oleate Cerette V
Isocetyl isostearate Isostriol IC
Isocetyl stearate Monestriol IC
Isopropyl myristate Thomil ISF
Isopropyl myristate Thomil IS
Isopropyl oleate Tilol IS
Isopropyl palmitate Palmil IS
Isopropyl palmitate-stearate Monestriol IS-C
Myristyl myristate Thomil 14
Octyl palmitate Palmil O




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