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Amide Waxes Complex Esters Compound Esters Metallic Stearates Monoalcohol Esters Polyalcohol Esters Sorbitan Esters

Applications include:

  • Emulsifier for the preparation of w/o emulsions. 
  • Emollient creams. 
  • Preparation of oil absorption bases (w/o). 
  • Formation of w/o type pomades, or o/w type.
  • Reabsorption agent. 
  • Emulsifier for insecticides. 
  • Non toxic anti-foaming agent.


Products include:

Product Trade Name
Sorbitan monolaurate. Sorbithom SL
Sorbitan monooleate. Sorbithom SO
Sorbitan monopalmitate. Sorbithom SP
Sorbitan monostearate. Sorbithom SE
Sorbitan monostearate-palmitate. Sorbithom SE-C
Sorbitan sexquioleate. Sorbithom SO-6
Sorbitan tristearate. Sorbithom SE-5
Sorbitan trioleate. Sorbithom SO-5

Please note that UNDESA has the capacity to adapt to its customers' needs and can manufacture according to individual specifications


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