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Barium-Lead Calcium-Zinc One-Pack Lead Single Lead

Applications include:

  • Extrusion and injection of rigid and soft PVC

  • Cable extrusion

  • Lubricants for PVC

  • Stabilisers for PVC


Products include:


Trade Name
Lead basic stearate Kemistab 3-EP
Lead dibasic phosphite-sulphite Kemistab BF
Lead dibasic phosphite Kemistab RBH
Lead dibasic phthalate Kemistab PL
Lead dibasic stearate Kemistab 2-EP
Lead dibasic stearate Kemistab 2-EP-H-4
Lead stearate Kemistab EP
Lead tribasic sulphate Kemistab STP
Lead tribasic sulphate Kemistab STP-H-4
Lead tribasic sulphate Kemistab STP-D-4

Please note that UNDESA has the capacity to adapt to its customers' needs and can manufacture according to individual specifications


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